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Advancing Clinical Information

 Advancing Clinical Information replaces the Meaningful Use of Certified Electronic Health Record program.  It is similar to the Meaningful Use program but there are a number of differences.  Clinicians must use EHR technology that has been certified by the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology.   They will report on a set of measures that are designed to reflect standard office practices.  The set of measures has been expanded for specialty organizations.  

Advancing Clinical Information will make up 25% of the MIPS Composite Performance Score in 2017.  Within this performance category up to 100 points may be achieved.   There is a “base score” that accounts for 50 of the 100 points in this category.  if any of these measures are not reported, the clinician or group will receive a score of zero for the ACI category. 

The base score includes measures from the following domains:

  • Protect patient health information (this will be “yes/no” response)
    • A “yes” response is mandatory or no points will be allocated the Advancing Clinical Information performance category

  • Patient electronic access (numerator/denominator)
  • Coordination of care through patient engagement (numerator/denominator)
  • Electronic prescribing (numerator/denominator)
  • Health information exchange (numerator/denominator)
  • Public health and clinical data registry reporting (yes/no)

In addition to the base score, clinicians will need to report on a “performance score” to make up the remaining points in this category.

Of note, Medicare proposes removing the clinical decision support and CPOE objectives that were fixtures of Meaningful Use

The performance score is worth up to 80 points in this category.  If the number of points exceeds 100 then the clinician is only credited with 100 points.  The performance score components of Advancing Care Information has the following general objectives:

Patient electronic access
Coordination of care through patient engagement
Health information exchange

Another requirement of this category is that clinicians must have an interface and report on their use of an immunization registry. 

In addition to the points earned through the base and performance components of the Advancing Clinical Information, clinicians may earn bonus points for reporting on one or more public health registries.  One additional point may be earned.